When it comes to shopping for KTM PowerParts, look no further than KTM World. 

Because we work exclusively on the  KTM family of motorcycles, everything from engine builds to complete suspension services and revalves, as well as suspension lowering services, we have more knowledge and experience with KTMs than anyone else.  We also keep a truly massive amount of KTM parts in stock, easily 15 times more than the average KTM dealer. 

Our massive inventory of OEM KTM parts means we’ve got parts that fit virtually every KTM dating back to 1994, as well as later model Husqvarna and GasGas models. And because of our huge internet parts sales volume, we’re able to offer OEM parts at a deep discount to you and, for most orders, provide free shipping to the USA.

Tips for Shopping for New KTM PowerParts

KTM’s mantra is “Ready to Race,” which means KTMs are built to exact tolerances using high-quality parts. So when it comes time to replace a part, KTM PowerParts are the way to go. 

Why? Because PowerParts were designed by the same people who designed and built your KTM in the first place, leaving no doubt about their fit and quality. 

Even within the PowerParts catalog, there can still be some confusion about what to buy and which direction to go. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help point you in the right direction. 

Here are some things to look for when shopping for new KTM PowerParts.

Assess Your Bike Needs (e.g., Street or Off-Road Performance vs. Racing Vs Comfortable Adventure Touring) 

It’s time to get real for a minute. KTM PowerParts are great, but you also need to assess what your bike was built for and what you want to do with it. You’re clearly not going touring with a 450 SX-F, and what a 390 Duke rider wants might not make any sense on a 1290 Super Adventure. 

However, if you want to give your 450 SX-F the ultimate edge when the gate drops, KTM World has the PowerParts to get you there (and don’t forget, KTM World specializes in engine and suspension builds, in case you want us to install those parts or build your bike for you). 

Of course, most of us don’t have dreams of becoming the next motocross champion. Maybe you just want to make your 690 Duke more comfortable or outfit your 1290 Super Duke R with genuine accessories to make it stand out in a crowd. The PowerParts catalog is great for all of that. 


The hard truth of motorcycle accessorizing and modifying is that it costs money. So, depending on your budget, you might have to separate your wants from your needs and prioritize your funds appropriately. Fortunately, KTM World offers excellent pricing on all of our parts. 

Best KTM PowerParts Upgrades

Following are some of our top-sold online KTM parts. 


KTM makes excellent engines, so why not protect them with genuine KTM Powerpart case covers? Applicable to many of KTM’s street models, if you’re looking to protect your adventure or motocross bike, skid plates can also be found for many popular models. Popular accessories also include oil filter covers and ignition cover plugs, both anodized in signature KTM orange. 


The sound of a KTM engine roaring in full song is music to your ears, right? KTM World sells a variety of FMF and Akrapovic exhaust options to not only release your engine’s potential and free up the power delivery. 


We know our KTMs can go fast – but how well do they stop? Fortunately, KTMs have fantastic brakes, but KTM PowerParts includes brake upgrades to enhance your brakes in a number of ways. From brake rotors to lever guards and even anodized reservoir caps, there’s something for nearly everyone.


Factory suspensions are designed to accommodate riders of all shapes and sizes, which inherently means it’s a compromise. Tailoring your suspension to your size and riding style will transform your bike. KTM World has all of your suspension upgrades and components. 

If you need your suspension serviced, a complete rebuild, lowered, or revalved and resprung for your weight, height, and riding style, we are your one stop shop.  We have decades of knowledge and experience doing KTM/WP suspensions, we test all the time, and we have an in house suspension dyno.  People ship us their KTM suspension from all over the country.  Simply ship us your suspension, and our expert technicians take care of the rest. 

Ergonomics and Riding Equipment

You may not realize it, but little changes can greatly impact your comfort. Things like different seats, bars, or windscreens can all affect a good ride from a great ride. KTM World has a variety of accessories, including grips, handlebars, and different seats, to get your KTM feeling just right for you.


KTMs look good right off the showroom floor, but personalizing them, even more, is part of the ownership experience. KTM World has graphics kits, anodized covers, and even old-fashioned stickers to change the look of your bike and make it your own.


There are lots of KTM-branded accessories, caps, T-shirts, coffee mugs, wall clocks, hoodies, tire air gauges, and lots more.  Check with KTM World for the availability of all the KTM accessories. 

When it comes to finding KTM parts and components or KTM PowerParts and accessories, KTM World has it all. Engine building, suspension tuning, or just your first service, KTM World is your KTM dealership, open 7 days a week.

We’ve taken the guesswork out by making our website easy to navigate. All you have to do is input the year and model you have and follow the category buttons on the left side of the page to be taken to all the different parts we carry for your KTM. 

KTM World stocks over $750,000 in KTM parts ready to ship. Odds are, we have your part, and if we don’t have it in stock, it usually only takes three days to get it. 

If, for some reason, you don’t see something you want, feel free to give us a call.  And don’t forget—we also have a large inventory of new and used KTM bikes for sale, too. KTM World typically has 100 to 150 new bikes for sale all the time at the lowest prices around.  Call us!