KTM World Sells Stark Vargs

In the ever-changing world of dirt bikes, a revolutionary force has emerged, reshaping the perception of fuel-powered performance and sustainability. 

Yes, we’re discussing the electric dirt bike, which has been the talk of many manufacturers lately, including OEMs like KTM with its E-Ride lineup and Ducati, which has just joined this adventure. 

One of the latest players to join is Stark with its Varg electric dirt bike that represents a paradigm shift in off-road motorcycling from fuel to electric. The Stark Varg captures riders' imaginations worldwide, signaling a new electric chapter in motocross and enduro riding.

What Sets the Stark Varg Apart?


  • Unmatched Power: Imagine harnessing up to 80 horsepower and a staggering 691 ft/lbs of torque. The Stark Varg easily exceeds the might of traditional 450cc motorcycles with seamless, controllable power.
  • Eco-Friendly Thrills: Hit the trails or the track without the environmental footprint. The Stark Varg's electric heart beats clean, offering an exhilarating, guilt-free ride.
  • Cutting-Edge Endurance: Thanks to advanced battery technology, the Stark Varg promises extended adventures. Conservative riders can enjoy up to 6 hours of ride time on a single charge, while the average trail enthusiast enjoys around 3 to 3.5 hours.
  • Tailored Riding Experience: Completely customizable settings via an app (yes, the dash is a phone!) let you shape the Stark Varg to your riding preferences. From power to regenerative braking, create a bike that’s truly yours.

Since introducing the Stark Varg at KTM World, alongside our KTM and Gas Gas motorcycles, we've fielded countless questions from curious and excited riders.

Following are the most asked.

Stark Varg Specs

Starg Varg Electric Dirt Bike FAQs


What does Stark Varg mean? 

Stark Varg is Swedish for “Strong Wolf.”

Where are Stark Varg motorcycles made, and what is the first model year?

Stark is a Swedish company that manufactures Varg motorcycles in Barcelona, Spain. The first bikes were pre-ordered in December 2021 and began shipping in April 2023.

What is the cost of a Stark Varg, and how long to get one?

Pricing begins at $12,999, and orders typically take 4- 6 weeks at KTM World if none are in stock.  Currently KTM World has 9 Starks in stock for sale.

How much power and torque does the Starg Varg have?

The Varg makes between 60-80 horsepower, depending on power settings, and the carbon fiber-sleeved motor can spin up to 14,500 rpm. And it has 691 ft/lbs of torque on tap—instantaneously. 

How fast is a Stark Varg electric motorcycle?

The Stark Varg is the fastest-accelerating dirt bike ever.  While it is geared for the track, it has plenty of power to pull tall gearing and will certainly pull way over 120mph with proper sprocket choice. 

Are there different models available for the Stark Varg?

The Stark Varg EV dirt bike is customizable when you order it. You can choose between 60 or 80 horsepower, 18” or 19” rear wheels, suspension based on your weight, a rear brake operated by foot or handlebar lever, a side stand or no side stand, and three color choices: Stark Red, Forest Grey, or Snow White.

Stark Varg Electric Motorcycle Dash

How many Riding Modes does the Stark Varg have? Are they customizable?

The Stark Varg has 5 Riding Modes that are actively available on the fly at any time with a touch of a button on the handlebar. But when using the app, you can build more than 100 different riding modes, selecting the five you want available on the fly.  Change instantly through these five modes at the touch of a button on your handlebar. Build your ride modes to perform like a 125cc 2-stroke, 450cc 4-stroke, or anything in between. The app allows you to adjust the power curve and engine braking, but more adjustments are coming soon, like virtual flywheel effect, and traction control.

What is the range of the Stark Varg?

For the “average” trail rider, expect 3-3.5 hours of riding time. The Stark Varg can deliver up to 6 hours of riding time under easy riding conditions, such as riding around with your young kids.  The range varies greatly based on riding style, terrain, power level, and other factors. 

How long does it take to charge the Stark Varg’s battery?

Charging time varies from 1 to 1.5 hours, depending on how much battery power remains.  It can be charged from 0 to 80% in just 1 hour with a standard charger, ensuring you spend more time on the track and less time waiting.

How does the power of the Stark Varg compare to traditional motocross bikes?

The Stark Varg is designed to be the king of the dirt bike power hill and does not disappoint. It delivers instant torque and power, allowing for an exhilarating riding experience without lag.  You can never stall the motor, and you can never be in the wrong gear.

Is the Stark Varg suitable for riders of all levels?

Although the bike can compete directly with a 450cc motocross bike, the five customizable riding modes allow riders to tweak the performance to anyone’s skill level. Its adjustable power settings and smooth power delivery make it an ideal choice for novice riders and seasoned professionals.  Although designed as a motocross bike, the Varg works even better on trails.  All the power you want, no shifting, no clutch, no chance of stalling the motor, just focus on the trail ahead.

What maintenance does the Stark Varg require?

The Stark Varg requires minimal maintenance compared to traditional fuel-powered bikes. There's no need for oil changes, air filter cleanings, or engine rebuilds. Check tire air pressure and chain adjustment like any other dirt bike.

How durable is the Stark Varg in rough terrain?

The Stark Varg is built to withstand the rigors of motocross. Its robust construction and high-quality components ensure durability and resilience on even the toughest tracks.

Stark Varg at KTM World

Does the Stark Varg offer a warranty?

Yes, the Stark Varg comes with a 3-year warranty. Specific terms and coverage details can be found on the Stark Varg official website or by contacting an authorized dealer.

Where can I test-ride the Stark Varg?

Test ride opportunities for the Stark Varg are available at KTM World in Georgia at its Highland Park off-road riding park.

The Stark Varg electric motocross motorcycle is more than just a bike; it's a glimpse into the future of off-road motorcycling. It combines raw power, advanced technology, and an environmentally friendly approach to deliver an unmatched riding experience. 

As the motocross community evolves, the Stark Varg stands at the forefront, leading the charge toward a cleaner, more thrilling future on the trails and tracks. 

For more information, please contact a Stark specialist at KTM World