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KTM WORLD knows KTM motors!

KTM World specializes in performance motor work, we do it every day, and we have years of experience building some of the fastest and most reliable 2-stroke and 4-stroke KTM motors on the planet.  We can do anything from monster HP stroker motors to mild performance tuning while doing a standard engine rebuild. We know KTM's and we know what works and what is a waste of your money. Carb jetting, FI mapping, 2-stroke cylinder and 4-stroke head porting, transmission rebuilds, we have tons of experience with all things KTM. Call us and we can recommend the best "bang for the buck" that will fit your budget.  KTM World is located at Highland Park (, so we do lots of engine testing, and if you bring yor bike here for engine work, you can ride your bike when you pick it up to make sure it is tuned just like you want it!  


1. Ship us your whole motor, we do the work and ship it back ready to put back in the frame, complete with recommended jetting specs.
2. Ship us cylinder, head, etc, we do the work and ship it back ready for you to do the final motor assembly.
3. Ship us your motor, we do the work , then you come visit us with your bike in your truck/trailer.  We (or you) install the motor, then you ride your new powerhouse at Highland Park for the day and we custom tune jetting and PV settings while you are here to make sure you are 100% happy.
4. Bring your bike and drop it off, we do the work, then you come back and ride at Highland Park for the day and we we custom tune jetting and PV settings to make you 100% happy.

Call 770-748-0771 for more info and pricing