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We can ship your International order to a freight forwarder with a USA address.   KTM’s policy says we cannot ship KTM parts and accessories directly overseas, but with an internet search you can easily find plenty of freight forwarders in the USA.  They charge a small fee to forward your parts directly to you.  

Payment for international orders must be made with a verifiable USA address credit card or a confirmed PayPal account. Our website DOES NOT accept non USA based credit cards. If you try to use your non USA credit card for international orders, your bank will think you made a purchase and pull the money from your account for about a week until they confirm the purchase was not completed. 

Our free freight policy does apply when shipping your order to your USA based freight forwarder.  Any other taxes, duties or fees due to the carrier or your government are additional and separate from our shipping. Very large orders may require payment via EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer.)

Delivery time varies by destination country.  Your freight forwarder can give you the estimated delivery date.  Abandoned or non-deliverable shipments are not eligible for refunds. We cannot accept returns on international orders, so double check that your order is complete and correct before you place the order!  If you make a mistake on your order or wish to add to your order, call or email as soon as possible and we will try to fix the problem if your order has not already shipped.  Thanks for using KTM World, we appreciate your business!