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2024 KTM 65 SX

2024 KTM 65 SX
MSRP: $5,649.00
Our Price: $4,693.00
Manufacturer: KTM
Condition: New


When your little racer is READY TO RACE and set to take the next step up - the fully-geared 2024 KTM 65 SX is the only option. Faster, easier to ride, and designed to be the ideal stepping stone into the next racing class, the KTM 65 SX features full-size motocross bike quality, high-end components, a fully manual clutch, and gearbox - not to mention a sweet-smelling 2-stroke top-end powerband. Bottom line? This little ripper is the one to beat.



40.8 mm
45 mm
Wet, multi-disc clutch, Formula hydraulics
64.9 cm³
1-cylinder, 2-stroke engine


53.5 kg
4.5 l
215 mm
253.5 mm
Disc brake
Disc brake
Chrome-molybdenum steel central-tube frame
XACT 35 WP Upside-Down fork, Ø 35 mm
259 mm
XACT WP mono shock
730 mm
64.5 °
215 mm
253.5 mm



  • ADJUSTABLITY The 2024 KTM 65 SX is designed to grow with the little racer, by being height adjustable. Different adjustability options were built into the KTM 65 SX construction using scientific statistical data and manikins. So, finding the right fit for your little ripper is ultra easy, thanks to height adjustable suspension, handlebar position, subframe, and bodywork, taking the seat height from a low 28.1 inches (715 mm), to a taller 29.9 inches (760 mm).
  • IGNITION A new digital ignition from Hidria finds its way onto the 2024 KTM 65 SX, with improved processing power and an all-new ignition curve, making for a cleaner burn and smoother power delivery.
  • KICKSTARTER A new, lighter, more ergonomic kickstart lever makes firing the 2024 KTM 65 SX a cinch for little legs. Not only has the kickstart lever been designed to match the new frame and engine design perfectly. It also ensures easy access for quick restarts while being perfectly packaged to be out of the way when tearing up the berms.
  • CARBURETOR A proven Mikuni TM 24 carburetor takes a prime position in producing the goods in the 2024 KTM 65 SX, with updated settings that work perfectly in harmony with the new engine, exhaust, and air intake design.


  • PERFORMANCE Featuring the latest in 2-stroke technology, the 2024 KTM 65 SX sets the benchmark at the starting gate. Besides using the lightest and most durable materials, the engine features a pressure-controlled exhaust valve that delivers top-level performance through its manual 6-speed transmission. A new mounting concept for the crankshaft also makes for easier maintenance.
  • CYLINDER The 2024 KTM 65 SX features a high-performance cylinder made from lightweight and durable aluminum that incorporates a pressure-controlled exhaust valve (PCEV), providing unrivaled performance.
  • TRANSMISSION The transmission on the 2024 KTM 65 SX has undergone a complete refresh. From general durability to overall quality, the transmission maintains the same legendary performance but now presents as a more comprehensive and hardy unit. This is paired with a new forged shift lever offering improved functionality, while the reliable and light hydraulic clutch system guarantees even wear and near maintenance-free operation.
  • SPARK PLUG There's no more worrying about breaking the plug, thanks to the 2024 KTM 65 SX featuring a new spark plug from BRISK with a longer thread. Also, thanks to this innovation from BRISK, the part number is printed on the spark plugs for easy reading - even while screwed in place.
  • EASY SERVICING Servicing and general maintenance are made simple, thanks to draining noses for liquids and added service markers on the engine (▲) that clearly show where to use washers, making maintenance and service easier than before. Nm markings clearly show how to tighten relevant screws to avoid overtightened or too loose bolts. Many of the screws on the engine case have also been unified to the same screw length on the engine case.


  • TANK The KTM 65 SX is ready to fuel the fire in your little ripper with an updated tank design to compliment the new frame concept and bodywork.
  • AIRBOX AND FILTER An all-new airbox concept features a conventional suction sleeve made from a hard-wearing polyamide instead of rubber and a Twin Air filter mounting system that now features snap locks for easy and intuitive mounting. The Twin Air filter is also placed under the seat and is easily accessible without any tools by simply removing the seat. It also features improved dirt intrusion resistance, with no more dirt falling into the intake tract when changing the filter.
  • ERGONOMICS The all-new bodywork of the 2024 KTM 65 SX is the perfect example of KTM's commitment to providing the ultimate starting point for young racers. Mimicking the full-size KTM SX range, the KTM 65 SX features the same advancements found in the larger KTM SX classes. Slimmer, sleeker, and better suited to standing on the pegs, the side panels now work much better with young riders' boots, allowing proper squeezing of the bike when standing up. The front number plate incorporates plastic flaps to protect the lower triple clamps from roost. At the same time, the tank spoiler features a bicomponent technology featuring the KTM-specific texture on the upper part. Side number plates are kept as close to the frame as possible, with the general seat line sitting slightly flatter compared to the old generation.
  • HANDLEBARS & GRIPS Hold on tight! The high-quality, tapered, black handlebar is made of lightweight aluminum alloy and ensures top stability, vibration damping, and control. It has been designed specifically with 65cc riders in mind, featuring an entirely new bend and profile, forcing a more READY TO RACE body position. ODI grips are mounted on the left side, while a vulcanized ODI grip is mounted on the right-side throttle assembly, with a crash pad on the handlebar protecting the rider from rough contact.
  • FRAME Right, this is a big one. The 2024 KTM 65 SX boasts an all-new high-strength chromium molybdenum steel frame design. Unprecedented quality of the Mini frame could be achieved with forged connecting parts, carefully calculated parameters of longitudinal flex and torsional rigidity, and incorporated sheet metal parts that allow tailormade stiffness. The new frame layout features a typical MX design without any cross tube behind the steering head. The rear shock mount is separated from the main upper frame tube like on our full-size models. The frame now also comes with frame protectors as standard.


  • WHEELS & TIRES Rolling off the race rig and into the pit lane, the 2024 KTM 65 SX uses lightweight, black anodized, GIANT aluminum rims like the full-size KTM SX range. These provide the highest levels of strength and reliability, while MAXXIS MX-ST tires deliver outstanding performance on any terrain and exceptional straight-line stability.
  • FOOTPEGS All-new, "no-dirt" footrests offer a bigger surface area for improved grip while standing on the pegs and are less susceptible to hooking up in deep ruts, take-offs when scrubbing, or track barriers.
  • SUSPENSION Featuring the latest in suspension technology, the KTM 65 SX is fitted with a state-of-the-art, lightweight 35mm USD WP XACT AER fork. With 215mm of wheel travel, the air unit in the left fork leg can also be adjusted easily using an air pump for rider preference, weight, or track conditions. At the rear, an all-new fully-adjustable WP XACT monoshock boasts a new mounting point on the frame making it more compact, providing the perfect balance and damping characteristics to match the fork.
  • BRAKES Bringing the 2024 KTM 65 SX to a stop comes courtesy of floating brake calipers from Formula, with a 198mm wave disc up front and a 180mm wave disc at the rear. This brake assembly combination reduces wear and ensures maximum reliability and durability, while a new forged rear brake lever provides the ideal rider feel and durability.


  • EXHAUST A completely new exhaust system, features the same manufacturing process as the full-size 2-stroke KTM SX range, with improved overall quality and performance. This has resulted in massive improvements in thermodynamics. Moreover, improved sealing of the silencer end cap and a new rubber between the header pipe and silencer adds another level of quality to the new exhaust system. The silencer has also been updated and now comes with a black anodized finish and a signature 'Braaaaap!'.
  • RADIATOR Using state-of-the-art Pankl radiators inspired by the full-size KTM SX range, the 2024 KTM 65 SX features the same basic design with all the hardcore cooling properties. The highlight of the new cooling concept with the two all-new radiators is the tubing connecting the radiators, which significantly improves cooling efficiency, keeping this little motor perfectly chilled under hard charges.
  • HOUR METER Keep track of engine hours easily, with an hour meter now mounted at the same position behind the front number plate - as on the full-size KTM SX models. This makes for easier reading and has a lower risk of dirt and waterfowling up the display.
  • GRAPHICS Modeled after the full-size motocross bikes, the KTM 65 SX features typical READY TO RACE graphics using the time-proven in-mold application process to ensure the best durability and quality.

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