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KTM World is a full service KTM motorcycle dealer located in the scenic northwest Georgia mountains at Highland Park Resort, a premier off road motorcycle riding park.  We are open 9am - 5pm, 7 days a week, and you can buy or finance and pick up your new KTM any day of the week .  NEW 2022 KTM's are here now.  Inventory changes almost daily, so please call to get a low quote, KTM will not let us advertise our low prices, and remember - we don't add all those extra fees!  The price you get is the out the door price.  770-748-0771

Call 9am-5pm  7 days a week for our LOW PRICE on new KTM Motorcycles  -  770-748-0771

NEW Non Current Models:
2021  250SX brand new, got it from another dealer - one only - $8393 


2021 KTM 250XCW - Like new, 17 hours  SOLD
2019 Yamaha  YZ85 - Excellent condition, some nice performance mods.   SOLD
2004 KTM 625SXC 
 - Low miles, great shape, street legal dual sport bike -  $2773

Excellent used bikes available as we get them in,but they don't si here for long.   We take trades, sell bikes on consignment,  or will  buy your used bike.  Call for info or to check on current bike inventory!   WE BUY GOOD USED KTM's!  

We stock KTM motorcycles and go far beyond what other dealers do when we set up your new KTM.   We know KTM's better than anyone else, so we know which bolts need locktite, which bikes need some jetting to run perfectly, and we take care of all that before you pick up your bike.  Even handlebar position and lever positions are set.  We do all this and more at no additional cost.  When you pick up your new KTM at KTM World, we also set the spring sag while you are here and adjust suspension clickers to suit your height, weight, riding style, and current skill level.   If you need extra suspension work to set the bike up for you, KTM World has a large and very well respected KTM suspension shop  to take care of anything you need, including different springs, revalving, and lowering. 

When you choose to buy a KTM from KTM World, you get a free day to ride here at Highland Park Resort, and we will assit you in making further adjustments to your bike to get it dialed in just right for YOU while you ride for the day.   When you leave with your new KTM, you know it is working great and everything is just as you like it.  

Please call us for a motorcycle quote (770-748-0771) .   We have great prices, and WE DO NOT ADD ADDITIONAL FEES such as set up, dealer prep, doc fees, etc.  We are open 7 days a week and glady give over the phone quotes or email quotes on KTM motorcycles.  Your quote will be your total cost OUT THE DOOR, never any additional or hidden fees.  When you get a quote from other dealers you have to be 100% sure their quote is the full out the door price, no other fees or surprises when you arrive.    

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