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Your KTM Suspension Shop: Rated Best in the Country.

Want to enhance your KTM experience? 

As the largest KTM PowerParts and motorcycle facility in the world, we bring you expertise and solutions other dealers just can’t match.  It's all about making your KTM work the best it can for you.

Unmatched KTM Suspension Expertise

Our KTM suspension shop stands as the country's best, offering unmatched expertise to ensure your KTM performs at its absolute best. We specialize in making your KTM ride butter-smooth, with tires that feel as if they're glued to the ground and a level of precision in turns that you've never experienced before.

Tailored Solutions for Your KTM

KTM's WP suspension performance can vary from year to year and model to model, often presenting unique challenges like harshness in the early to mid-stroke, bottoming out too easily, and front wheel deflection. We solve these issues and more with our comprehensive approach to KTM suspension enhancement.

Unparalleled Testing and Development

What sets us apart is our extensive testing and development capabilities. Located on a sprawling 1000-acre riding facility at Highland Park Resort, we have the advantage of making suspension changes and immediately testing them right outside our garage door. 

There's no waiting for the weekend or relying on delayed feedback from others. We conduct extensive testing, more than anyone else, ensuring that our solutions are rigorously tried and tested.

Moreover, we employ an in-house suspension dyno for fine-tuning damping adjustments in forks and shocks, as well as testing spring rates. 

All our testing efforts have led to developing specific valve stacks and other internal modifications tailored to your KTM, considering factors like your weight, height, riding style, current skill level, and the terrain you conquer. The result? Suspension that truly works.

Precision KTM Suspension Revalving for Optimal Performance

Unlike many other suspension providers, we don't settle for just shuffling a few valve shims around or removing a couple of shims. 

Such compromises often result in overly soft suspension, limiting your riding pace and making your bike hard to control in rough situations. We believe in delivering suspension that is compliant and plush on small to medium hits while still being capable of handling the bigger impacts when you push your limits.

With over 10,000 valve shims in stock, and over 150 springs in stock, we have the resources to do your suspension correctly and quickly. We use a factory WP suspension pump to remove all air after servicing a shock, ensuring optimal performance. 

We specialize exclusively in KTMs, and we've honed the art of KTM/WP suspension to perfection. When you send us your suspension for revalving or routine maintenance, we guarantee you won't be disappointed—100% satisfaction is our pledge.


1. Ship and Ride: Send us your forks and shock, and we'll do the work. We'll ship them back with clickers preset to known good settings, minimizing the need for extensive dial-in. Call us seven days a week, even from the track, if you need assistance.

2. Ship, Ride, and Dial-In: Ship us your forks and shock, and we'll do the work. Then, visit us with your bike in your truck or trailer. We'll bolt on the suspension, test ride, and adjust clicker settings for you. Spend the day (or more) at Highland Park, and we'll help you dial it in until you're 100% satisfied.

3. Bring and Ride: Bring your bike to us, and we'll handle the work. You come back to ride at Highland Park, and we assist you in dialing it in until you're completely happy.


Full Service and Revalve Forks (pair)     $295  
Includes top-quality synthetic oil, all shims, nitrogen, and labor.  Seals, o-rings,bushings, and other wear parts may need replacing (additional parts cost, but there's no extra labor to replace them while we are doing a full service and revlave.

Full Service and Change Oil (pair)     $149   

Price includes all labor to disassembly, any necessary repairs, and nitrogen charging.  We use top-quality thermally stable synthetic oil.  Additional parts like oil, seals, bushings, or other wear items are extra, but there's no extra labor charge for their replacement during a full service.


Full Service and Revalve Shock     $295    

Includes top-quality synthetic oil, all shims, nitrogen, and labor. Seals, bushings, and other wear parts may need replacing (additional parts cost), but there's no extra labor charge for their replacement during a revalve and service.

Full Service, Oil Change & Nitrogen Charge      $149    

Price includes all labor for disassembly, any necessary repairs, and nitrogen charging. We use top-quality thermally stable synthetic oil. Additional parts like oil, seals, bushings, or other wear items are extra, but there's no extra labor charge for their replacement during a full service.


We specialize in suspension lowering to provide you with the ideal ride height. Our internal lowering parts are designed for precision, ensuring your bike's ride height can be adjusted as needed. Typically, lowering by 1.5 inches is suitable for most riders, but we can accommodate lowering from 1/2" to 3".

Lowering shocks and forks often require revalving, minimizing additional costs when choosing to lower your suspension simultaneously. Rest assured, every change we make internally to lower the suspension can be reversed if desired at a late time.

If you have questions about suspension or suspension lowering, don't hesitate to contact us at 770-748-0771. We're here to provide you with expert guidance.

WP Shock Pump - the only way to correctly remove air from your shock after a service or revalve.

For accurately removing air from your shock after service or a revalve, the WP Shock Pump is the essential tool.

Thermal Imaging of stock and modified KTM shock run on our Suspension Dyno

We utilize thermal imaging to analyze the performance of stock and modified KTM shocks, assessed on our state-of-the-art Suspension Dyno.

At KTM World, we are dedicated to elevating your KTM riding experience to new heights. We invite you to explore the world of unmatched KTM suspension services, developed and tested rigorously at our facility. Your adventure awaits – are you ready to take your KTM to the next level? Contact us today, and let's embark on this journey together.

What do people say about their KTM World revalved suspension?  Here are a few recent reviews:

Thank you Paul and everyone at ktmworld for my new works suspension. I went riding yesterday for the first time and WOW! was the only thing i could say. I was skeptical about how everything would work and how it could really be that good. Man was i wrong, i mean i can now forget about roots and trail clutter and it corners so much better. i can tell its at the top of the stroke and its just so plush and forgiving. Traction is also hugely improved, before it wanted to step out from under me but now it just gets so much traction. Anyways i just wanted to say you guys did a perfect job on my bike and riding is going to be a lot more enjoyable from here on out. Thanks a million!   -TH

My lower back is THE meter by which I really judge the suspension. All I can say is that 2 hours into the race I thought to myself that my back isn't hurting, and that just isn't normal for me. This is the best suspension that I've rode.  It is better than the bikes that I've had revalved in the past, and any stock suspension that I've ever rode. A worthwhile investment.  -SR

I spent a few hours today testing out my new KTM World suspension. It was not the best day for it, but the difference is nothing short of AWESOME. Just having the confidence to ignore roots, ruts, rocks and bumps allowed me to focus further ahead on the trail. I also spent far less energy holding onto the handlebars, reducing arm pump and the front tire was much easier to keep on the line I wanted.   -MW